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Can’t find your favorite movie or music CD?
Email us your list and we will do the research for you and quote a price.

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Did you screw up??  and buy a DVD from Amazon, eBay or another on-line retailer that was not designed for U.S. DVD players?  We offer two solutions (1) international DVD players in either standard DVD or BluRay playback.  Available upon prepayment and we special order them for you or (2) conversion of the DVD you have purchased to a U.S. playable DVD just $12.00 per disc (except BluRay).

Have used this company for years for promotional dvd’s for my company. Good prices and quality.

We had a bunch of old vhs tapes and 8mm film to have transferred and Gerry’s quote was the best. The quality was better than the last place we used by far. Would recommended.

Emily Rose


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